Delhi: Asiad Village Society Establishes Composting Yard To Combat Leaf Waste

Delhi: Asiad Village Society establishes composting yard to combat leaf waste

New Delhi, Feb 28 : To tackle the perennial issue of leaf waste plaguing the streets and neighborhoods of Delhi, the Asiad Village Society (AVS) has established a ‘Dry Leaves and Other Garden Items Composting Yard’ within the Asiad Games Village complex.

 Delhi: Asiad Village Society Establishes Composting Yard To Combat Leaf

Traditionally, the onset of leaf shedding season in late January to early February brings about significant challenges for communities, as piles of leaves accumulate on roads, pedestrian paths, residential areas, and institutional campuses.

These leaves are often either set on fire or disposed of improperly, contributing to environmental pollution and health hazards.

“Operating in accordance with the Solid Waste Management Rule of 2016, which mandates that campuses exceeding 5000 sq.m should manage their waste on-site, AVS has pioneered a decentralised waste management approach,” said C.Srinivasan, a resource person from the Ministry of Housing and Urban Affairs.

Through the establishment of an aerobic composting bed, AVS aims to process organic garden items such as dry leaves, fresh leaves, grass cuttings, twigs, and more within the village complex itself.

“This initiative not only addresses the issue of leaf waste but also provides socio-economic benefits to local communities.By employing cost-effective and eco-friendly technologies, AVS creates green jobs for disadvantaged groups including BPL families, low-income people, differently-abled persons, and widows,” said the official.

“The composting process generates a valuable resource in the form of mulch, which can be utilized for gardening and landscaping purposes, further enhancing the aesthetics and sustainability of the area,” Srinivasan added



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