Goa Contemplating To Identify Ferocious Breeds Of Dog, Says Minister In Assembly

Goa contemplating to identify ferocious breeds of dog, says Minister in Assembly

Panaji, Feb 8 : With cases of dogs attacking children and adults being reported, the Goa government was contemplating to identify and enlist certain breeds of dogs which are ferocious, Minister for Animal Husbandry & Veterinary Services Nilkanth Halarnkar said in the Assembly.

 Goa Contemplating To Identify Ferocious Breeds Of Dog, Says Minister In Assembly-TeluguStop.com

He said this in a written reply to the Starred Question of Independent MLA.Aleixo Lourenco on Wednesday.

“Identifying and enlisting certain breeds of dogs which are ferocious is being contemplated.

The local governing bodies will have to initiate registration of owned dogs in their jurisdiction, so that data of various breeds of dogs kept as pets in the state is available,” Minister said.

According to Nilkanth Halarnkar as per the livestock census conducted in 2012, the number of pet dogs was reported to be 52,323, while stray dogs were 16, 325.Later the survey conducted in 2019 reported 86,976 pet dogs and 27,864 stray dogs.

“Stray dog is a mandate of Local bodies, i.e., Village Panchayats and Municipalities.The Department works as facilitator and hence launched a scheme ‘The Goa Small Animal Rescue Management Scheme 2014 (Amended)’.The Village Panchayats and Municipalities have to sign an MoU with NGOs and implement the scheme for which grant in aid is provided by the Animal Husbandry Department.

Since only 51 Local bodies have availed the scheme, there is a rise in population of stray dogs in most of the areas,” he said while reasoning the increase in population of stray dogs.

“The stray dogs live in packs and there is competition for feeding.

Hence they develop the mentality to attack passersby, in groups.But the stray dogs don’t bite generally, unless provoked.Owned dogs of some breeds which are ferocious are difficult to control for the handler and this leads to attack on strangers when they are walking on the streets,” Minister said.

He said that the government was planning to specify a proper system of keeping ferocious dog breeds like Rottweiler at homes for those people who can afford and keep them under control and continuously impart training to these ferocious breeds.



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