From Uzbekistan To Ahmedabad, Bobur Ismailov\'s Artistic Voyage

From Uzbekistan to Ahmedabad, Bobur Ismailov’s artistic voyage

Ahmedabad, Aug 27 : When Ahmedabad’s artistic tapestry welcomed a special guest from Uzbekistan, a painter, Bobur Ismailov, to display his craft and paint live on an open lawn in the Bespoke Art Gallery, it suddenly started drizzling.One by one, the audience and even the organiser stood up and moved to a covered place — but this dedicated painter continued his work in the rain.

 From Uzbekistan To Ahmedabad, Bobur Ismailov's Artistic

Bobur Ismailov, a painter born in 1973, embarked on his artistic journey at the tender age of three and has since dedicated his life to the world of art.“Artists were often tools of religion and politics, but the tide is changing.Artists now channel the voice of the masses,” he shared.

When questioned about the commercial aspect of his creations, Bobur expressed, “Canvas costs money, so does paintbrush, an artist has to travel for inspiration and even that costs money, everything needs money then how can art not be commercial? Of course, it is.The only thing I take care of is not to create art with the intention to sell it.”

Among the vibrant array at Ahmedabad’s Bespoke Art gallery, a particular painting captured attention — the intriguing ‘A Story of a Lost Dog.’ The image portrays a lone dog amidst shuttered houses, a poignant metaphor.Babur revealed, “The dog serves as an allegory.

Just like this solitary canine, we’re surrounded by countless yet utterly alone.Without a place to belong.

His artworks beckon introspection, provoking an internal dialogue that transcends mere visuals.Reflecting Uzbekistan’s vivid heritage, Babur’s palette communicates emotions and narratives with every brushstroke.

“Even in sorrow, colors convey our conversations,” he mused.“Artists always live in two worlds — the real and their own imaginary world and the idea is to keep a balance between the two.”

Dogs recurrently grace his canvas, embodying his affection for these loyal companions.“I have a dog and a cat and I love them.

They are open and sometimes, they have a bigger heart than humans,” he shared.His work resonates with the human psyche — a blend of sorrow, dreams, laughter — a realm where novelty dances with tradition.

Bobur’s artistic journey found its foundations at Benkov Art College in Tashkent (1987-1990) and flourished at the State Institute of Fine Arts in Uzbekistan (1990-1996).Since 1997, he has imparted his wisdom at the National Fine Arts and Design Institute.

From 1998, he’s been a member of the Creative Union of Arts in Tashkent, and since 2000, a part of Moscow Union of Artists under the International Art Fund.Amidst the rain’s whispers, Bobur Ismailov’s art reverberates, bridging the gap between narratives and brushstrokes.


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