8 Natural Mosquito Sprays You Can Make At Home

* Take one cup of dried rosemary leaves to 1 liter of water.Keep boiling this mixture for 20-30 minutes.Add one litre of normal (temperature) water in a separate container, and strain the rosemary mixture into it.That’s it.You can spray this water both on your skin and around your house.

 8 Natural Mosquito Sprays You Can Make At Home-TeluguStop.com

* It has been proven that neem oil works superfine against Anopheles mosquitoes and also against aedes mosquitoes.

So, neem oil spray will work effectively as mosquitoes preventer.

* Garlic spray may not smell appealing to your nose but got to bear it to protect yourselves from mosquitoes.

Peel the garlic, extract the oil from it or grind it till becomes liquid.Use this as a spray.

* Catnips does contain nepetalactone, an oil from which plants derive characteristic odour.It’s 10 times lethal and stronger than Diethyl Meta Toluamide a chemical used in bug repellent.Catnips spray can be used as mosquitoe killer.

* Citronella can kill mosquitoes even in 6 m radius.Citronella can be available in spray form.If not, you can use citronella candles.

* Mosquitoes hate lavender smell.In contrast, human beings love lavender smell.

Lavender spray can kill mosquitoes and at the same time, it gives a special smell to your house.

* What basil leaves cannot do? Basil oil, if mixed lavender oil, can produce a lethal mosquitoe killer.Make a spray with the mixture and use it.

* Mint and lemon balm mixture can also be used as a a mosquito spray.All these natural sprays are much better than the chemical mosquitoes sprays you use.