Telangana Student Dies In US Road Accident

Telangana student dies in US road accident

Chiru Sai, a student from Telangana, who went to the US for higher studies with high hopes, was killed in a road accident in the United States.

 Telangana Student Dies In Us Road

If going into detail.

Chiru Sai, a native of Suryapeta, Telangana, completed his B.Tech in Vijayawada and went to America 11 months ago for higher studies.

Chiru Sai, who lives with friends in Ohio, USA, booked tickets to his hometown in Telangana.They left at 7.30 in the morning.With that Chiru Sai died on the spot and it seems that the it was snow.

Eyewitnesses told police that they saw the accident.The police who registered the case are investigating.Chiru Sai’s sister settled in America.After the incident, Chiru Sai’s sister Meghna’s mother collapsed after telling her parents about it.The mother and father are weeping over the news that their son will be home in another 15 days and that his son would have been alive if he had not thought of coming home.The family members are asking the government to help move the student’s body back to their hometown.telugu nri,telugu nri died in road accident,telugu,telugu news,telugu channel,road accidents usa 2021,road accident bus,nri died in usa,indian origin died in america,america road accident,nri news channel,usa news,nri news in telugu,usa channel,telugu nri news,nri news

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