Hubby Presents Coins Worth Rs 55k As Maintenance In Court; Wife Calls It Harassment

Hubby presents coins worth Rs 55K as maintenance in court; wife calls it harassment

Jaipur, June 20 : A man reached a court with coins worth Rs 55,000 to pay the amount of maintenance to his wife.

 Hubby Presents Coins Worth Rs 55k As Maintenance In Court; Wife Calls It

Everyone present in the court was shocked to see the coins.

When this was opposed by the wife, the husband said that it is Indian legal currency and hence should be accepted.

On this, the court ordered the husband to get the coins counted on the next date.

It directed the husband to make bags of Rs 1,000 each and give them to the wife.The court has given June 26 as the next date in the matter.

Husband Dashrath Kumawat’s lawyer, Raman Gupta meanwhile said, “This whole matter is related to family dispute.Dashrath Kumawat was married to Seema Kumawat about 10 years ago.The dispute started between the two after 3 to 4 years of marriage.After this, the husband filed an application for divorce in the court.

During the hearing of the case, the family court directed the husband to pay Rs 5,000 as maintenance to the wife every month.

The husband was not giving this amount to the wife for the last 11 months.

The court issued recovery warrant against the husband.The notice was then converted into an arrest warrant on non-payment of the amount.

Eventually, the man was arrested and produced in the court.However, after paying the amount, the court released the husband on bail.

This case is going on in Family Court-1 in Jaipur.Due to the holidays of the court, this time the case was heard in Link Court ADJ-8 Jaipur Mahanagar I.The police arrested the husband on June 17 and produced him in the court.On the same day, the relatives reached the court with coins of one and two rupees in seven bags.

The weight of these bags were around 280 kg.

On this Seema Kumawat’s advocate, Ramprakash Kumawat said – this is not humane.The husband is not paying the amount of maintenance for 11 months.Now he has brought coins of Rs 55,000 to harass his wife.

It will take 10 days just to count them.On this, the court directed the husband to get the coins counted in the court itself and make bags of coins worth Rs 1,000 each.


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