High Tension At Guntur Jinnah Tower Police Arrest Hindu Vahini Members

High Tension At Guntur Jinnah Tower Police Arrest Hindu Vahini Members

The Jinnah Tower controversy in Guntur has once again come to the fore.The Hindu Vahini called for the hoisting of the national flag over the Jinnah Tower on the occasion of Republic Day.The vigilant government deployed a large number of police there.Police arrested members of the Hindu Vahini who tried to go to Jinnah Tower.

 High Tension At Guntur Jinnah Tower Police Arrest Hindu Vahini Members-TeluguStop.com

State SC Morcha in-charge of the party Valluru Jayaprakash demanded that the government hoist the national flag on Jinnah Tower on the occasion of Republic Day.If the government does not respond, BJP leaders along with Hindu Vahini will hoist the national flag.The state government was on high alert and deployed police at Jinnah Tower.Police arrested members of the Hindu Vahini organization as they approached the Jinnah Tower with national flags.

A tense situation prevailed in the vicinity of Jinnah Tower for a while.With this, the police closed the shops there and took steps to prevent anyone from getting there.

Meanwhile, Guntur district BJP president Patibandla Ramakrishna was earlier placed under house arrest by the police.

BJP leaders have been demanding for some time that the stupa named after Jinnah, which caused the partition of the country, be renamed or removed.

In the wake of the recent Jinnah Tower controversy, why is the stupa named after the patriarch of Pakistan, Muhammad Ali Jinnah, located in Guntur? Let’s see the history behind it …!

It is well known that India and Pakistan used to meet before independence.Muhammad Ali Jinnah was also one of the leaders involved in the Indian independence movement.

Fighting intensified during the Quit India Movement of 1942.Lal Jan Basha, a key leader in Guntur today, wanted to hold a huge meeting with Mohammad Ali Jinnah in Guntur.

Went to Bombay and invited Jinnah.Huge arrangements have been made for the conduct of the meeting.

Jinnah aspired to unveil the monument over his hands.However, the Jinnah Guntur program was canceled at the last minute.

Jinnah was replaced by his close aide Judah Liaquat Ali Khan.The freedom fighters of the day who came to the house unveiled the stupa and left.Popularly known as the same Jinnah Tower.It has since become a landmark in the city of Guntur.

Many shopping malls have been set up near this tower on the main road of Guntur city.All religions have been friendly here since pre-independence.

The BJP has been raising concerns over the past few years that the Jinnah Tower should be renamed or demolished.The vigilant Guntur Municipal Corporation has recently set up fencing around the tower.

CCTV cameras are also being set up at the tower for surveillance.

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High Tension At Guntur Jinnah Tower Police Arrest Hindu Vahini Members - Telugu Guntur, Hinduvahini #Shorts

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