Bhumi Pednekar Joins Mumbai Hospitality Group To Invest In Goa’s First Boutique Hotel

Bhumi Pednekar Joins Mumbai Hospitality Group to Invest in Goa’s First Boutique Hotel

Bhumi Pednekar has partnered with a hospitality group based in Mumbai to invest in their first boutique hotel in Goa.The company, founded by Pawan Shahri, Dhaval Udeshi, and Nikita Shahri, has already made a name for itself in Mumbai’s casual dining scene.

 Bhumi Pednekar Joins Mumbai Hospitality Group To Invest In Goa’s First

In 2022, the brand experienced rapid growth, expanding its presence in the hospitality industry by developing 100,000 square feet of space in India and opening five new restaurants in Mumbai.

The new boutique hotel in Goa aims to cater to travelers seeking ultimate relaxation, reflecting Bhumi’s philosophy of slow living.

As an actor, Bhumi is always eager to explore new opportunities beyond the film industry.She believes in the power of investments and is committed to investing in spaces that provide meaningful experiences.

Bhumi’s investment in the hotel matches her desire for a fulfilling life and memorable experiences.It also reflects her dedication to responsible hospitality and the concept of slow living.

The goal is to curate a haven that combines luxury, comfort, warmth, and cultural immersion.

Dhaval Udeshi, co-founder of the company, expresses excitement about the venture into the boutique hotel space and is thrilled to have Bhumi on board as an investor and supporter.

This marks an exciting new chapter for the company, offering opportunities to deliver unparalleled experiences to guests.

With Bhumi’s enthusiasm for exceptional experiences and the company’s commitment to innovative concepts, they are confident in scaling their brand to different destinations.The Goa hotel represents just the beginning, and they are eager to reveal its magnificence.

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