Aryan Khan Gets Emotional After Seeing His Parents

Bollywood Badshah’s son Aryan Khan (23) has been arrested in a drug case and is reportedly lodged in jail.Meanwhile, a Mumbai court has allowed Aryan Khan, who is lodged in a Mumbai jail, to speak to his parents.

 Aryan Khan Gets Emotional After Seeing His

Aryan spoke to Shahrukh Khan and Gauri Khan via video conference from Arthur Road Jail in Mumbai.Aryan, who has been in jail for the last 10 days, seems to be in tears when he sees his parents.

Every person in jail has the option of talking to family members twice a week.Aryan was also given the opportunity to video conference.

Aryan spoke on a video call for 10 minutes under the supervision of officers.Aryan Khan, on the other hand, is worth Rs.Received 4,500 Money Order.This money came from home.

With the money, Aryan could buy food and other items from the prison canteen, officials said.Authorities are currently serving prison food to Aryan.A maximum of Rs.The regulations allow only 4,500 money orders.Subject to these rules, Shah Rukh Khan placed a money order with his son Aryan Khan.Sharukh Khan, Sharukh Khan Son, Aryan Khan, Aryan Khan Arrested, NCB Control, Sharukh Khan Son Arrested,Aryan Khan Mumbai Drug Party, Aryan Khan Age, Sharukh Khan Son Aryan Mumbai Cruise Drug Party, Shah Rukh Khan Son Aryan Khan Mumbai Cruise Rave Party, Sharukh Khan Lawyer, Aryan Khan Bail, Aryan Khan Custody, NCB Raid in Mumbai, Narcotics Control Bureau Mumbai Cruise Drug bust, SRK Son Arrested,Aryan Khan in Mumbai Arthur Road Jail, Aryan Khan Jail Name, Aryan Khan Bail Rejected, Aryan Khan in Central Jail

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