AAP Promises Rs 1k Monthly Allowance To Gujarat Women If Voted To Power

AAP promises to pay Rs.1k monthly allocation to Gujarat women in case they are elected into the in power

Ahmedabad 10 August, Ahmedabad : AAP chief and Delhi Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal on Wednesday promised that if elected to the powerhouse his party will pay the Monthly Allowance of Rs 1,000 for Gujarat women.
Gujarat is scheduled to go to the polls in the end of the year and Kejriwal has announced a a slew of “gurantees” in order to attract the voters.

 Aap Promises Rs 1k Monthly Allowance To Gujarat Women If Voted To Power-TeluguStop.com

At a meeting, Kejriwal said, “If moms want to give gifts to her daughter who is visiting, she has to look at her son or husband.If they are willing to give her cash, she is able to gift her daughter a present.However, when she has Rs.1,000 in the bank, she will not be dependent on male members of the family.”

“If the amount is distributed at a rate of Rs.1,000 to each women and there are thousands of beneficiaries the amount will transform into crores, and be reintroduced into the economy in one or the other method in contrast, if the exact amount (crores of rupees) is given to a single industrial company or corporate house as a loan, it won’t create enough jobs or all the money will return in the economy, therefore it is better to distribute money in additional hands” he claimed.

Kejriwal has also pledged to raise the pay levels of police officers.

“I am aware that Gujarat Police pay grade is the lowest when compared to other states.

I have received a note written by the daughter of a police personnel to address the issue of pay grade.This suggests that people have lots of hopes with the AAP.”

During his visit of the day, he also promised Rs 3000 per month in unemployment allowance.