7 Reasons For Insomnia During Pregnancy

7 reasons for insomnia during pregnancy

* Anxiety levels and stress levels go up during pregnancy.There are few to several emotional and physical factors behind this increase in stress and anxiety.

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The major one is the painful imagination of labour.As long as the woman keeps thinking, it becomes harder and harder for her to sleep.

* Frequent urges of urination is another problem of pregnancy.It’s inevitable.Need to say how frequent urination disturbs the sleep cycle.In the last trimester, the problem could turn bad to worse.

* Coffee intake should be strictly avoided during pregnancy.Remember, your baby cannot take caffeine.

Besides, it also keeps your awake for longer duration.That means, you cannot fall asleep quickly.

No matter how much you love coffee, just stay away from it.

* The movements of baby inside the womb would also disturb the sleep.Although mothers love those moments, they also discomfort her sleeping pattern.

* No unseen reason, it could be the baby bump disturbing her sleep.

See, we are mostly habituated of sleeping on a side.Baby bump doesn’t allow mother to sleep flexibly.She has to adjust herself in he safest position.

* During the second trimester, pregnant women could start feeling cramps in their legs.In many cases, it gets severe.She has to bear so much pain in the muscles.This disturbs her sleep heavily.

* Many go though nightmares during pregnancy.

Might be because of the stress levels, concern for the baby or anything related to the present and future physics pain.For whatever reasons, most of the women experience weird dreams during pregnancy.

In such scenario, it’s hard to have a pleasant sleep.

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