What Is Deep Below The Ocean

సముద్రం కింద ఏముంటుందో తెలుసా ? | What is Deep below the Ocean|

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The Mariana Trench, in the Pacific Ocean, is the Deepest location on Earth.According to the Exclusive Economic Zone

The Challenger Deep is the Deepest known point of the seabed in the Earth’s hydrosphere, with a depth of 10,902 to 10,929 m by direct measurement from Deep-diving submersibles, remotely operated underwater vehicles, and benthic landers and slightly more by sonar bathymetry.It’s been given name of ‘Cenote Angelita’ but is more famously known as river in sea.According to Anatoly Beloshchin and his group of divers who were first ones to discover this phenomenon, this river under water is a complete river like any conventional one

The Gulf Stream is caused by a large system of circular currents and powerful winds, called an Oceanic gyre.There are five Oceanic gyres on Earth.

The Gulf Stream is part of the North Atlantic Subtropical Gyre.

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