Dmk Constitutes War Room For Ls Polls, Senior Leaders Given Charge

DMK constitutes war room for LS polls, senior leaders given charge

Chennai, Feb 11 : Ahead of the Lok Sabha election, the DMK on Sunday announced the setting up of a war room here which will be managed by senior leaders.

 Dmk Constitutes War Room For Ls Polls, Senior Leaders Given

The ruling DMK, which swept the 2019 Lok Sabha elections by winning 38 of the 39 seats, is in the process of trying to repeat the victory and win all the 39 seats from Tamil Nadu and the lone seat in Puducherry.

As part of this goal in sight, the party machinery has been functioning at an accelerated pace for the past six months.To fine tune the election strategies and to communicate with the voters 24X7, the party has constituted a war room.

The DMK in an official statement on Sunday announced the constitution of the war room.Senior leaders Anbagam Kalai and Austin will be in overall charge of the war room.

Kalai, who is the state co-organising secretary of the party, will coordinate with booth committees and constituency coordinators.

The DMK has posted one coordinator for each Assembly constituency and these coordinators will be responsible for each minor development in the booth committees.

The war room will now coordinate between these booth committees and the constituency coordinators with a centralised control by the party co-organising secretary.

Austin, who is the party deputy organising secretary, will be in overall charge of the party‘s star election campaigners as also media.

Party leader and Member of Parliament, N.R.Elango.who is also a senior lawyer.

will be responsible for the legal matters as well as election commission related issues.

The party war room will have all the facilities, including hi speed Internet connectivity as well as data and statistics of the past elections.

Community wise information at the booth level as also the number of people who are beneficiaries to the state government welfare schemes will also be available at a click of the mouse in the war room.

DMK, according to sources, is planning a micro level campaign with booths as the focal point and technological advancements will be used at the maximum to convey the party‘s intentions to the people.

Party General secretary and Minister for Water works in Tamil Nadu government, S.Duraimurugan while speaking to IANS said that the partywar room will be the centralised election headquarters of the party and will act as a major connecting point between the party headquarters and district level party committees.He also said that the booth level party committees will be in direct contact with the war room and can approach those in charge of war rooms for the urgent election related requirements.



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