Pic Talk: Pawan Kalyan New Look! #pspk27 Update

Pic Talk: Pawan Kalyan new look! #PSPK27 Update

After being seen in the beard for a long time, Janasena Chief Powerstar Pawan Kalyan is finally back to film-mode.In a party meeting that took place last evening, Pawan Kalyan was seen in a new look.

 Pic Talk: Pawan Kalyan New Look! #pspk27 Update-TeluguStop.com

With completely taking off the beard, and a designed moustache the actor-turned-politician sighed relief for his fans.

Pawan Kalyan, Pspk-Latest News English

Few leaks from his Pink remake rumoured to be ‘Vakeel Saab’ made headlines showing him in a beard.The movie did not require him to remove his beard.Pawan Kalyan new look confirms the fact that he is shooting for his periodic film under Krish’s direction.

This movie requires him with a clean shave, given the extensive makeup for his role.

Pawan Kalyan will be playing the role of a bandit in the movie, a role filled with fun and humour, according to sources.

With Pawan Kalyan new looks shows that he is back on track, fans are waiting to see him in a stylish and rocking look for Harish Shankar’s film.

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