Maoist Leader RK Died Of Kidney Ailment, Says RK’s Wife

The Maoist party has released the funeral photos of Maoist party leader and central committee member Akkiraju Hargopal alias RK.However, Maoist leader RK’s funeral was conducted following the Maoist formalities in the Palmedu-Kondapalli border area of Telangana.

 Maoist Leader Rk Died Of Kidney Ailment, Says Rk’s

Maoist leader RK’s last rites were completed on Friday at 2 p.m.The RK’s funeral was attended by several Maoists.The Maoists paid tribute by placing a red flag over RK’s body.

However, the Maoist party confirmed that RK died on the 14th of this month.Top Maoist leaders have revealed that RK died of a Kidney ailment.

They stated that the RK funeral was completed in the presence of the Maoist party members.Maoist spokesman Abhay also said that RK died on October 14.He revealed that RK died of Kidney failure while he was on dialysis.

Three of the 14 members of the Central Committee died this year.

There are only 11 people left in the Central Committee.Among them is Nambala Keshavarao from AP, and the other ten members are from Telangana.

Analysts say the Maoists are losing grip on people as both the central and state governments are shifting their focus to eradicate the Left Wing Extremism from India.

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