Experts Warn Of ‘viral Blizzard’ In Us As Omicron Hits 41 States

Experts warn of ‘viral blizzard’ in US as Omicron hits 41 states

Washington, Dec 19 : Health experts have warned of “viral blizzard” in the US as the new Omicron variant is spreading rapidly nationwide and has already been detected in at least 41 states.

 Experts Warn Of ‘viral Blizzard’ In Us As Omicron Hits 41

In recent weeks, Covid-19 cases, deaths and hospitalisations have all surged in the country, with many parts experiencing high levels of community transmission, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC).

The current seven-day daily average of Covid-19 cases is about 122,000, a 1.5 per cent increase from the previous week, latest CDC data show.

The seven-day average of daily deaths is about 1,180, up 8.2 per cent from the prior week, the CDC said.

Currently, the US is witnessing about 7,800 new hospital admissions each day, a 4.4 per cent increase from the previous week, the data showed.

The Omicron variant, which is possibly more contagious than the Delta strain, has been found in at least 41 states so far, since the first case in the country was detected in California on December 1.

There is a two- to three-week lag between sample collection for SARS-CoV-2 testing to producing and analyzing sequence data, so it is likely that more U.S.infections with Omicron from late November will be detected over the coming days, according to the CDC.

Despite the increased attention for Omicron, Delta continues to be the main variant circulating in the US.For the week ending December 11, the Delta variant had accounted for 96.7 per cent of circulating SARS-CoV-2 variants, according to the CDC.Holiday travel rush has already begun amid Omicron concerns.The Transportation Security Administration expected up to 21 million Americans will fly between December 23 and January 3.”As we head into the holiday season, when many will be gathering with their loved ones, I want to again encourage everyone to utilize the proven prevention strategies that keep everyone safe: get vaccinated and get boosted, mask in public indoor settings, physical distancing, handwashing, improve ventilation, and testing to slow transmission,” said CDC Director Rochelle Walensky.

Omicron strikes 41 US states, experts warn of “viral blizzard” in the USA

Omicron is receiving more attention, but Delta remains the most widely circulated variant in the US.According to the CDC, Delta had accounted 96.7 percent of circulating SARS CoV-2 variants for the week ended December 11.
Holiday travel rush has already begun amid Omicron concerns.According to the Transportation Security Administration, up to 21,000,000 Americans are expected fly between December 23rd and January 3rd.

Rochelle Walensky, CDC Director, stated, “As many people gather with loved ones this holiday season, I urge everyone to use the proven preventive strategies that keep everyone safer: Get vaccinated, get boosted and mask in public indoor settings.Physical distancing and handwashing are all good options to reduce transmission.”

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