China Has Grown Dissatisfied With Lenovo

New Delhi, Nov 24, : A recent article in Chinese state media focuses on Lenovo and the widespread dissatisfaction that has accumulated in recent years among Chinese citizens.
Global Times stated that it was particularly eclipsed by tech companies like Huawei, which have suffered from US crackdown and was not as innovative as emerging companies like Xiaomi.

 China Has Grown Dissatisfied With

Lenovo’s key executives, Liu Chuanzhi & Yang Yuanqing, are also under attack.They still receive a high salary of hundreds and millions of yuan in the partially-state-owned enterprise.

“As a consequence, both the public image for the entire company and their personal images have become fragile.Global Times stated that doubts had been raised long ago.

“Obviously, the halo that Liu and Yang has created is no longer visible.We didn’t know how history would view their past achievements, whether it was affirming their leadership or focusing on making a fortune while still recognizing their past accomplishments.

Sima Nan, an independent scholar and social commentator, resorted to seven videos to question Lenovo’s alleged cheap sale state-owned assets.He claimed that Lenovo’s top executives, Yang Yuanqing and Liu Chuanzhi, have been playing the role of “poor temple, rich abbot” in a series of videos.

This invokes the metaphor that, as an enterprise or collective moves towards poverty, the wealth of those in charge increases.

According to Chinese media, Lenovo was actually a derailer from the path of technology, trade, and industry.

Instead of making genuine efforts to technological and scientific innovation after initial accumulation, it gradually withdrew away from the frontline of national scientific progress and made fewer contributions towards China’s core competitiveness.Many people felt that it failed to live up its expectations of Lenovo as a well-established company.

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