8 Healthy Drinks For Pregnant Women  

8 Healthy Drinks For Pregnant Women -

* Of course, water comes first.It keeps her hydrated and it also helps in lactation.

Water contributes in breast milk production

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* Sweating hard is a common thing in pregnancy.Human body loses the required salts after sweating.It also dehyrates.Coconut water restores the most salts and also hydrates the body

* Metabolism rate and bowel movements should be pleasant and healthy in pregnancy.

The presence of vitamin B12 and protein makes butter milk comes with the help for bowel movements and also provides the needed vitamins and nutrients

* Morning sickness is a daily affair in pregnancy.Iced tea can treat such sickness.

But remember, tea contains caffeine and the intake should be very minimal

* A pregnant body should never face the scarcity of vitamins and nutrients.Low sugar fruit juices and smoothies will provide with abundant nutrients and vitamins

* Nothing could be more dangerous than anemia in pregnancy.

Pregnant body should get required iron and also the power to absorb iron.Vitamin C helps in absorbing the iron content.

Lemon juice every morning will do that

* Vegetable juices offer the required vitamins and minerals without much or any sugar.So, they score over fruit juices in this aspect.

But ask your doctor what to take and what not to

* Vomiting and nausea can’t be taken in lite note.Not just vomiting, apettite, indigestion and headache will also be treated with mint tea.Just boil some fresh mint leaves and drink the water extract.

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