Gurugram\'s Kake Da Hotel Dishes Up Comfort Plus Flavours Of The Original

Gurugram’s Kake Da Hotel dishes up comfort plus flavours of the original

New Delhi, Feb 22 : With a history going back to 1931, which any restaurant would die for, the iconic Kake Da Hotel at Connaught Place, New Delhi’s colonnaded shopping-cum-commercial destination, needs no introduction.Its loyal following swears by its authentic Punjabi spread, but the long queues and the cramped space often deter potential diners.

 Gurugram's Kake Da Hotel Dishes Up Comfort Plus Flavours Of The

To avoid the crowds, and have a meal in comfort, I recently visited the restaurant’s relatively new outlet in Gurugram, which has been serving patrons for about six months.

One of the first things I noticed about this outlet was that it is definitely more spacious than its original location.

The ambience was inviting and it was not as crowded, allowing for a more relaxed dining experience.

I began my meal with the restaurant’s famous bhatti ka murgh and vegetarian seekh kebabs.

The latter were enjoyable, though I am not a vegetarian seekh kebab type, but the bhatti ka murgh swept me off the floor.The chicken was perfectly cooked and aptly spiced, with the flavors of black pepper standing out and complementing the dish.

Moving on to the main course, I found the quality of the mutton to be top-notch.The meat was tender and cooked to perfection.

The gravy, though, could have had a bit more depth of flavour.The palak paneer, a vegetarian classic, was as good as what you’d get at Connaught Place.

The chicken curry, another star dish, struck a delicate balance of spiciness and sweetness, thanks to the diligence with which the onions had been browned.

Overall, my experience at Kake Da Hotel’s Gurgaon outlet was delightful.

It offered the same authentic flavours that loyalists adore, without the hassle of long queues.If you are craving Kake’s signature dishes but prefer a more relaxed dining experience, this outlet is worth a visit.


Address: Kake Da Hotel, Opposite Maruti Pasco Suzuki Showroom, Old Delhi Road, Gurgaon.Dial: +919350809081

(The writer is the founder-admin of Indian Food Freak, a popular social media food group, and curator of The Big F Awards)



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