10 Ways To Prevent Lung Cancer  

10 Ways To Prevent Lung Cancer -

* It’s simple.Quit smoking.

Above 100% of lung cancer patients are smokers, say reports

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* At first place, smoking is dangerous for your lungs.Secondly, second-hand smoking increases the chances of lung cancer by 20%.First hand or second hand, quit smoking

* Be aware of the atmospheric circumstances at your workplace.Around 30% patients in men are exposed to a hazardous atmosphere at the workplace.

Remember, making yourself comfortable at workplace is a right,

* Moderate alcohol intake wouldn’t harm you but heavy drinking does.Not just liver, alcohol also affects your lungs.

Cut down the intake

* Few types of vitamin and nutrient supplements are believed to raising the risk of lung cancer, contrary to popular belief.The list includes type of supplements of lutien, retinol, beta carotene and Vitamin E.Ask your doctor before taking any supplement.

* Getting exposed to radon can also lead to lung cancer.

In fact, it is said to be standing next to smoking in lung cancer causing agents.Since radon is invisible a radioactive gas, it’s hard to understand to understand it’s influence.

Nevertheless, you should take the safety measures

* Stay away from toxic environment.Be it with your home premises or at your office.

Use face mask if you cannot avoid going to such places

* Choosing a healthy diet is very important.Balance it with healthy amount of fruits and vegetables.

Not to take vitamin supplements or nutrients supplements in heavy

* Exercise everyday.Take yourself to a pleasant and planty area.Breath some pure and fresh air.Early mornings at some distances of subruban areas would help you

* Choose good paint for your walls.This would give you a shocker but even toxins and chemicals in wall paints would bring lung cancer.Inhale health.

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