TRS Will Win Huzurabad By-poll With An Immense Majority, Says CM KCR

In the wake of the forthcoming Huzuraabad by-polls, CM KCR decided to campaign in the Huzurabad Constituency supporting TRS candidate Gellu Srinivas.CM KCR said that the Vijaya Garjana public meeting would be held with about 10 lakh people.

 Trs Will Win Huzurabad By-poll With An Immense Majority, Says Cm

He said that preparatory meetings with 20 constituencies would be held every day at Telangana Bhavan for the Vijaya Garjana meeting.

During these meetings, party leaders would discuss various issues, and the people’s representatives asked the activists from each village to take steps to attend the meeting.

He said it was the party’s responsibility to explain that the government had undertaken several programs for the welfare of the people.

At a recent joint meeting of the TRSLP and the Parliamentary Party, chaired by CM KCR at Telangana Bhavan, he said that the training programs for party workers will be organized soon.

CM KCR made it clear that the TRS party is going to win the Huzurabad by-election once again with an Immense Majority.He said the TRS party was ahead in all the polls held so far.KCR said the TRS party is planning to hold a huge public meeting named ‘Vijaya Garjana’ in the Huzurabad Constituency on October 27.

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