Satellite Imagery Shows N.Korea’s Nuclear Reactor Continues To Operate.

Seoul, Nov 25, : , North Korea appears to be operating a plutonium producing Nuclear reactor at its mainstay Yongbyon complex.A US monitoring website reported that the release steam and water in recent Satellite Imagery indicates this.
Recent Satellite Imagery from the complex north Pyongyang showed further evidence of activity at the 5-megawatt Nuclear reactor.This fissile material can produce up to 6 kg of plutonium per year, according to Yonhap news agency, citing 38 North.

 Satellite Imagery Shows N.korea’s Nuclear Reactor Continues To

The website stated that steam is coming from the reactor’s generator hallway, which indicates that at least one generator is running.”Additionally water continues to be released from the auxiliary pipe into channel leading to Kuryong River.”

According to the website, the new activity at the reactor was “notable” as North Korean leader Kim Jong Un’s goal to increase Nuclear capabilities was announced at January’s eighth party congress.

It noted that construction of a new wing to the south of the experimental water reactor appears to be continuing, but there are no signs that operations will begin at the facility.

This suspicion is consistent with the monitoring results of the International Atomic Energy Agency, (IAEA), that indicated that the North appears to have continued operations in the Yongbyon Nuclear reactor since August.

The UN Nuclear watchdog also highlighted Nuclear activities at the nation’s uranium enrichment plant and mine facility elsewhere.

During Wednesday’s board of governors meeting, Rafael Grossi, Director General of IAEA, stated that there are ongoing indications of activity at the Kangson Complex and the Pyongsan Mines and Concentration Plant.

The Kangson complex, North Korea’s second uranium enrichment plant, is located after the well-known facility at Yongbyon.

The Pyongsan facility, which turns uranium ore to yellowcake, is a major mill that makes uranium powder, a first step towards enriching uranium.

Concerns are growing about Pyongyang’s nuke activities, especially since South Korea and the US are in consultations to declare a formal end of the 1950-53 Korean War and resume stalled demilitarisation talks with the reclusive nation.

Since the 2019 Hanoi summit between North and US, no deal was reached, Nuclear negotiations between the two countries have remained deadlocked.

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