Maruti Suzuki Launches ‘Mobility Challenge’ For Mature Startups

New Delhi, June 18 : Auto major Maruti Suzuki India on Friday launched the ‘Mobility Challenge’ to explore new-age technologies and help growth-stage startups scale up their business.

 Maruti Suzuki Launches ‘mobility Challenge’ For Mature

Accordingly, the all new unique programme was unveiled in partnership with Hyderabad-based innovation intermediary and business incubator ‘T-Hub’.

“Through ‘Mobility Challenge’, Maruti Suzuki India Ltd.(MSIL) is eager to partner with startups, including established players, that have a ready product or solution with an existing customer base,” said the company in a statement.

“Disruptive solutions coupled with the capability to scale up fast would play a vital role in the Mobility Challenge.”

Earlier in January 2019, the automaker had launched the ‘Mobility & Automobile Innovation Lab’ (MAIL) programme in partnership with ‘GHV Accelerator’ to accelerate the growth of the budding startups.

“While MAIL is an existing initiative, Mobility Challenge is another all new programme targeted exclusively at mature or growth-stage startups.”

As per the statement, both the programmes will continue at a defined periodicity and strengthen the common purpose of driving innovations for business efficiencies