Indian Girls Talk About What Makes A Man Good Kisser

Kissing is an art of expressing love.Since it’s an art, it has to be practiced and performed with expertise.

With the wave of lip kissing scenes in Indian Cinema industry over the past two decades, we , Indians have started knowing the importance of kissing and also the art of kissing.Today, even a teenager can judge whether an actor or actress performing on screen is a good kisser or a bad kisser.When audience demand perfection even in kissing, why wouldn’t a lady demand perfection in real life? Why she wouldn’t hope for a great kisser playing with her lips? So, what is meant by a good kisser? What makes a man good kisser ? Look at some of the interesting replies by Indian girls.

 Indian Girls Talk About What Makes A Man Good Kisser-General-English-Telugu Tollywood Photo

“I don’t know how to define a good kisser.If he is a good at kissing, he is a good kisser.At first what I care about is him being clean shaved.

I don’t like kissing a man with moustache or beard.He should be clean shaved.Then I will think about other things” says a girl in this age of trendy beards.

“Probably he should have a good breath.Because breath comes first before anything.He should smell good from outside and inside.I don’t like sloppy kisses.A good kisser never uses tongue much.Less tongue play would make him a good kisser according to me” another interesting reply came from another girl.

“A rough kisser can never be a good kisser.He should start it slowly and then follow the flow.Rough act is okay when he is good enough at the start.

Yeah, he should understand the whole process of playing gentle and still bring that intimacy.That would make him a good kisser” opined a girl.