Cardi B Reveals Finding Clothes That Fit Her Curves Is \'not Easy\'

Cardi B reveals finding clothes that fit her curves is ‘not easy’

Los Angeles, March 29 : Raptress Cardi B has talked about how her curves make finding suitable outfits a battle and said that her body was not meant for size two clothes.

 Cardi B Reveals Finding Clothes That Fit Her Curves Is 'not Easy'

The ‘Bodak Yellow’ rapper, 31, spoke about her “clothing” battle to stylist Kollin Carter to mark him being named in The Hollywood Reporter’s annual list of the entertainment industry’s most influential stylists.

Cardi B said: “There are so many obstacles against us.For example, this body is not meant for a size two.I’m very hips…, and that’s me.”

The rapper added that dressing a curvy figure “was not easy”, but added that she and Kollin “make it look easy”, reports

Cardi B added: “Our door was closed many times… but we’re here because we do it well.I’m not going to be humble about it.”

The stylist said their hard work has paved the way for other women in the industry with curves and caused a “cultural shift”.

He added: “I don’t think there were many women like Cardi who existed in the fashion space.

“Now there are a ton of other rap females who aspire to be in that space because they see what’s possible.We set trends.



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