Foods Not To Be Eaten In Periods

Foods not to be eaten in periods

Periods is all about mood swings and cravings.Women crave for different types of foods.But health comes first than taste.That’s the order.These are the top foods which should never been eaten.

 Foods Not To Be Eaten In

* Do you know the science behind sugars cravings in periods ? It happens because of the hormonal changes in periods causing imbalances in blood sugar levels.It causes mood swing and sugar craving.But one should not take any large of amount of sugar.It will only worsen things.

* Women already face bloating issues in periods.

Eating high salt foods and high caffeine foods will only increase the bloating.Few is the hormones, which are are responsible for menstruation can actually cause water retention and bloating in that order.Eating the mentioned foods will encourage bloating.

* Better forget diary foods and especially high fat foods.

Due to hormonal changes, there is always a chance of acne getting triggered.If you eat acne encouraging foods containing high fats and diary products, God save your beautiful skin.

* High carbohydrate intake would cause even more irritation periods.It would higher the symptoms of PMS.Instead of white rice which is high on carbohydrates, better prefer salads.

* Obliviate the addiction of Coffee.

Your love for coffee in periods does work for your benefit.While you are already in PMS, caffeine can increase the blood pressure causing more anxiety and stress.

* More foods and drinks :

– Alcohol
– Refined grains
– Sodas
– Processed foods
– Fried foods


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