Swiss National Murder: Gurpreet Bought Chains & Locks Two Days Before The Murder

Swiss national murder: Gurpreet bought chains & locks two days before the murder

New Delhi, Oct 24 : Gurpreet Singh, who was arrested in connection with the murder of a Swiss woman, had bought chains and locks two days before killing her, Delhi Police sources said.

The police also took the accused Singh — a resident of Janakpuri in west Delhi — to various locations including the shop where he had purchased chains and locks — for over Rs 600 — to know the entire crime sequence and to gather more evidence.

The body of Nina Berger (Swiss woman) was discovered near a school in west Delhi on October 20.

Singh (33), who had been frequently changing his statements during the initial interrogations, was subsequently arrested in connection with the crime.

Police also recovered some documents, including victim’s passport and visas, from the possession of the accused.

As per interrogation, Singh had met Lena in 2021 in Switzerland during his visit, and their friendship developed into a close bond.

To be near Lena, Singh frequently travelled to Switzerland.However, as time passed, Singh wanted to marry her, but she rejected his proposal.

Berger had arrived in Delhi from Zurich on October 11 and was staying in a hotel.



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