Marathi Movies Possess Ability To Connect With Right Audience: Nehha Pendse

Marathi movies possess ability to connect with right audience: Nehha Pendse

Mumbai, Oct 20 : Actress Nehha Pendse, who has worked in the Marathi projects like ‘Dusari Goshta’, ‘Premasathi Coming Suun’, and ‘Natsamrat’ among others, shared her insights on the unique charm of this regional cinema, and how it differs from the Hindi and South Indian film industries.

 Marathi Movies Possess Ability To Connect With Right Audience: Nehha

Nehha has a diverse portfolio that spans across Marathi, Hindi, and regional films.

She said: “I firmly believe that Marathi movies possess an inherent ability to connect with the right audience.

“While it’s true that most Hindi and South Indian films are often dubbed to broaden their reach and appeal to a wider demographic, Marathi cinema, in my opinion, is still evolving to a point where its content can be effortlessly adapted and released in multiple languages.

“However, as I’ve previously mentioned, it’s all about that one exceptional film which transcends language barriers and effortlessly finds its way to the audience,” she shared.

Pendse went on to cite examples of Marathi films that have transcended language barriers to become a part of the national cinematic landscape.

She commented: “For example, movies like ‘Sairat’ and ‘Maharashtra Shaher’ are spectacular movies and managed to reach the audience from all over the country.

“People watched these movies and loved them, whether they understood Marathi or not.That’s the magic of Marathi movies.”

Nehha is currently seen as Sanjana Madam in the show “May I Come In, Madam?” which airs on Star Bharat.



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