Ibrahimpatnam TRS MPTC’s Husband Was Brutally Killed!!

The husband of Jagtial ruling TRS MPTC Mamata was brutally killed.Jagtial MPTC Mamata’s husband Padala Rajareddy (42) of Ibrahimpatnam constituency was brutally attacked and killed.

 Ibrahimpatnam Trs Mptc’s Husband Was Brutally Killed!!-TeluguStop.com

Rajareddy was hit on the neck and head with a sharp shovel.Hence, he died on the spot.

Recently, Rajareddy’s younger brother Chinnarajareddy and a man named Ramesh attended a function.They had alcohol after dinner.

 Ibrahimpatnam TRS MPTC’s Husband Was Brutally Killed-Latest News English-Telugu Tollywood Photo Image-TeluguStop.com

As they were drunk an altercation escalated between the two.The people around them brought them down and both Chinnarajareddy and Ramesh left the place.

However, when Chinna Rajareddy reached home, he told his elder brother Rajareddy about the incident.Rajareddy outraged by this and took his younger brother and went to Ramesh’s house.

Again a conflict broke out between them and led to a serious fight.Against this backdrop, MPTC’s husband Rajareddy was attacked by Ramesh and others with a shovel.

As a result, Rajareddy succumbed to severe head injuries and died on the spot.

Upon receiving information on the murder, police examined the spot and arrested the suspects and shifted the body of Rajareddy to a local hospital for postmortem.

A case was registered against the suspects and an investigation is going on.

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