Caste Discrimination Still Exists In Some Minds: Kerala Sc/st Minister

Caste discrimination still exists in some minds: Kerala SC/ST Minister

Thiruvananthapuram, Sep 19 : Though the state has made “remarkable” progress in its fight against caste discrimination, sadly, the social evil still exists in some minds, Kerala Minister for SC/ST K.Radhakrishnan — who belongs to the Scheduled Caste community — said here on Tuesday.

 Caste Discrimination Still Exists In Some Minds: Kerala Sc/st

Radhakrishnan recalled an incident when he faced discrimination during a temple festival.

While attending a temple festival inauguration, he was waiting for the chief priest to invite him to light the lamp.

But, to his dismay, the priest asked his assistant to do the honour.The assistant priest placed the lamp on the floor instead of handing it over to him.

He went on to add that they expected him to pick it up from the ground and light it, but he refused.

Taking a dog at the temple authorities, he said while the money he gave was not considered “untouchable”, he was.

Even though Radhakrishnan chose not to name the said temple, on Tuesday it surfaced that it took place at the Nambiatrakovval Siva Temple in Payyanur near Kannur in January.

The temple authorities while agreeing to the incident is maintaining a silence and is yet to come out with an explanation.

With the matter now snowballing into a controversy, has evoked a mixed reaction with some expressing their displeasure on the incident, while others defending the temple authorities saying at places of worship, tradition and culture should not be violated.



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