YS Sharmila Wrote Letter To Telangana CM KCR KCR Telangana

YS Sharmila Wrote Letter to Telangana CM KCR KCR Telangana

YSRTP President YS Sharmila was highly criticized KCR government.She was incensed that the government did not consider tenant farmers in Telangana as farmers.

 Ys Sharmila Wrote Letter To Telangana Cm Kcr Kcr Telangana-TeluguStop.com

Sharmila wrote a letter to the CM KCR asking him to provide farmer insurance for as long as the tenant farmer lives.She warned that KCR would take legal action against the government in the case of farmer insurance.

She questioned why tenant farmers should not be seen as farmers.KCR, an extra genius who has read 80,000 books, wants to answer this.

Sharmila criticized the government for not helping even the poorest landless farmers.In the letter, Sharmila said it was not appropriate for KCR to discriminate against farmers.

She described the KCR campaign in UP as a joke.It is our badluck that KCR CM of Telangana state.

Thousands of farmers committed suicide in the state where he is the CM, the number would be in the millions if we puts the country in his hands.Sharmila counters KCR.Telugu,Telangana,Andhra Pradesh,Telugu Politics,Telugu News,Telugu Political updates,Telugu elections,ys sharmila,ys sharmila latest news,ys sharmila new party,ys sharmila about kcr,ys sharmila vs cm kcr,ys sharmila comments on cm kcr,combat of words between ys sharmila vs cm kcr,ys sharmila telangana party,ys sharmila party,ys sharmila comments on kcr,ys sharmila letter to kcr,ys sharmila open letter to kcr,cm kcr,farmers,ys sharmila farmers insurance #YSSharmila #CMKCR #TelanganaFarmers #TelanganaPolitics

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