Why Men Should Eat Dates For Better $ex Life?

It is believed that after 30’s men’s libido or want for $exual pleasures doesn’t stay intact.There would be seen a noticeable downfall in testosterone levels and so does in libido.

Not just that, even the quality of sperm keeps decreasing.Unfortunately, there are men in this modern age who see the same problem in the mid 20’s due to various reasons like stress, heavy usage of gadgets and so on.Then what to do? Is there any simple doing solution for this? Yes, there is one.Eat dates regularly.

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What exists in dates that could turn your $exual fate? There is a flavonoid called Estradiol in dates which increases the quality of sperm by leaps and bounds.Besides, it also increases the weight of epididymis and testis.

These flavonoids improve the DNA quality, mobility and motility of sperm.

Researches conducted in Bahmanpour have proved that consumption of dates regular can really improve the $exual stamina, libido and sperm quality of male.

When tested on rats, the results were absolutely positive.

Researchers have also warned about date syrups in which most of them doesn’t offer what a pure date has to give.

It would be great if you get dates from field and use them in milk shakes, smoothies and drinks.Eating them raw is even better.

Have couple of dates every morning and evenings.This will help.

Not just that, dates give you instant energy.They are nutrients filled.

So, dates help you to perform better and long in bed without any exhausting feel.Altogether, dates is a beneficiary food for your $ex life.Remember this men.

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