Mohanlal Joins Prabhas And Vishnu Manchu In ‘Kannappa’ Film

Mohanlal Joins Prabhas and Vishnu Manchu in ‘Kannappa’ Film

Tollywood actor Vishnu Manchu’s upcoming movie “Kannappa” is gaining immense attention as it keeps growing in scale.First, there were reports suggesting that Baahubali Prabhas would be part of this highly anticipated project, and now it’s official that the legendary actor Mohanlal is also joining the cast.

 Mohanlal Joins Prabhas And Vishnu Manchu In ‘kannappa’

This unexpected addition of Mohanlal is generating a lot of excitement, guaranteeing a broader audience for the film.

Vishnu Manchu shared this exciting news on his social media platform, confirming that Mohanlal is indeed a part of his dream project, “Kannappa.” The film is being made on a grand scale and is considered a pan-Indian project, attracting actors from different languages.

Rajasekar, a prominent film correspondent, initially broke the news about Mohanlal’s involvement in “Kannappa.” Vishnu Manchu later confirmed this by responding to Rajasekar’s post with enthusiasm.It’s worth noting that there had been rumors about Mohanlal’s participation in the film, but this confirmation put those rumors to rest.

Now, let’s talk a bit about “Kannappa” itself.Directed by Mukesh Kumar Singh, the movie is a tribute to Bhakta Kannappa, a devout follower of Lord Shiva.

Vishnu Manchu will play the lead role of Kannappa.The film was officially launched in August, and it’s been in the works for an impressive seven years.

Overall, “Kannappa” is gaining massive attention thanks to its growing star cast, which now includes Mohanlal alongside Prabhas and Vishnu Manchu.This pan-Indian project promises to be a cinematic spectacle, and fans are eagerly awaiting further developments in this exciting venture.

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