Joe Jonas Is Disgusted With Sophie Turner For Trying To Victimise Their Children Amidst Divorce

Joe Jonas is disgusted with Sophie Turner for trying to victimise their children amidst divorce

Los Angeles, Sep 23 : Pop star Joe Jonas and actress Sophie Turner as they undergo their tumultuous divorce are also having problems with their kids.Joe, who has asked for custody, has said that he is disgusted with Turner trying to victimise their children, as Turner had also filed for custody.

 Joe Jonas Is Disgusted With Sophie Turner For Trying To Victimise Their

On September 5 reports first surfaced that Joe Jonas had filed dissolution of marriage paperwork in Florida.The next day, Joe and Sophie made a joint statement, calling the divorce a “united decision”.

During the September 22 marriage dissolution in Florida, ‘The Game Of Thrones’ actress lodged her own petition with a New York court which, if approved by a judge, would order Joe to turn over the children’s custody to the actress.

While Sophie did not directly accuse Joe of abducting the children, the petition does reference the word “abducted” periodically as part of the legal jargon, as reported by ‘The Mirror’.

A source at the outlet said: “His (Joe’s) wish is that Sophie reconsider her harsh legal position and move forward in a more constructive and private manner.His only concern is the well-being of his children.

Since then, he has not taken kindly to his estranged wife’s charges, calling them despicable and asking her to act in a more civil manner, and not try to drag their children into the whole mess.

A source at the Daily Mail said: “Joe is livid with the latest coming from Sophie, making him look like a horrible father.It is disgusting in his eyes what she has chosen to do.This is only going to be the start of stuff getting messier and messier and messier.”

The outlet also revealed that Joe was under the impression they were “moving in a forward direction” which is a sentiment echoed by his representative who told ‘The Mirror’: “Joe and Sophie had a cordial meeting this past Sunday in New York, when Sophie came to New York to be with the kids.Joe’s impression of the meeting was that they had reached an understanding that they would work together towards an amicable co-parenting setup”.

“With the divorce, Joe is also trying to steer his commitments with the Jonas Brothers tour and just get to the other side.Frustration is the emotion running through him right now and it doesn’t seem like that will be changing anytime soon,” reported the ‘Daily Mail’.

Another source branded their children as “victims” in this whole debacle.They said: “Joe wants to take the high road and have an amicable resolution.He just wants to work out a compromise with Sophie so that they are both able to be present parents in their children’s lives.He loves his kids and she does too.”



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