How To Read A Deleted Message In Whatsapp?

How to read a deleted message in WhatsApp?

All you people are already aware of the “delete for everyone” feature in WhatsApp which allows you to delete selected messages from the sender and also the receiver’s WhatsApp account.WhatsApp rolled this feature last month with some conditions such the sender can only delete or recall the message before the reader reads it and that too within 7 minutes after sending the message.

 How To Read A Deleted Message In Whatsapp?

You may think that you have saved yourself from embarrassment after recalling or deleting a message that you wanted the receiver not to read, but he/she can still do that.Yeah, there is such a loophole in the WhatsApp update.

There are now third party apps which provides the facility to read the deleted messages

Go to play store and install a third party app called “Notification history log”.Install the app and allow all the permissions.

After the installation, you will find three options out there, “Advanced history”, “Notification History” and “Settings”.Enable “Advanced History”

Now let’s an example.

Pooja sent you a message around 7 PM yesterday.Then she thought that particular message shouldn’t have been sent and she deleted or recalled the message at 7.06 PM.You have opened your WhatsApp app at 9 PM.It’s obvious, you will find a statement from WhatsApp that “this message was deleted”.Now can you hold the eagerness to know what Pooja had actually sent? Not knowing that would give you a sleepless night right? Now open the third party app you have installed and go to the WhatsApp space in there.There will you find the exact message along with “sent time” and “deleted time”.This app works only on mobiles with 7.0 and above android versions.

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