Follow These Tips To Keep Kids Off Summer Heat

Summer season and scorching are like friends.They come together and bring sweat and high humidity, leaving you fatigued and de-energized.

 Follow These Tips To Keep Kids Off Summer

But for kids, come April, it’s time for their holidays which means fun and play time.But the rise in temperatures will surely bring heat-related illness.

Kids as usual like to play outdoors, ignoring their health and safety.

Hence, it is the responsibility of the parents to give care and ensure their safety along with the fun.

Here are some easy and simple tips to help your child stay hydrated and energized.

· A water bottle in hand to stay hydrated and also to flush out toxins.

· Drinking fresh juices like lemon juice, coconut water and buttermilk will refill the fluids that are lost in sweat.

· Always give them light color clothing.It absorbs heat and evaporate sweat.

· Junk foods can be altered with fresh fruits.

· Sunscreen cover when they play outdoors.

· Insect repellants when they go to play in parks protecting them from insect bites or bugs.

· Playing under Mid-day sun should be avoided by kids.