Bahubali Leader Rais Khan Likely To Join RJD

Bahubali’s Bahubali’s chief Rais Khan could be a part of RJD

Patna 5 August : The reports are rife that Siwan’s Bahubali chief Rais Khan could become a member of Rashtriya Janata Dal (RJD) after Lalu Prasad’s older son Tej Pratap Yadav sat down with him just a couple of days in the past.
After the death of Bahubali chief Mohammad Shahabuddin, Rais Khan and his brother Ayub Khan who are commonly referred to as Khan brothers became the most hated Gangsters of the region, especially in Siwan.

 Bahubali Leader Rais Khan Likely To Join

Sources have said that the power of the Shahabuddin family is no longer relevant to RJD after his death.Ayub Khan as well as Rais Khan who were regarded as the primary shooters of the murdered Bahubali chief Mohamabd Sahabuddin were into rebellion for the last decade and formed their own group known as Khan Brother’s Gang in Siwan.

Rais Khan was recently thrust into the spotlight after five or four unknown attackers assaulted his convoy with an AK-47 in the evening of April 4 in this year.Rais Khan was able to escape in the attack, but he was escorted in another vehicle which the attackers weren’t aware of.

After the incident Rais Khan filed an FIR in Hussainganj police station, where he made a claim against Osama Sahab who is the son of Shahabuddin and others , namely Mohamad Aftab Alam Guddu Mian, alias Guddu Pistol Sabir Ali, W.Khan, Azad Ansari and Chawanni Singh.It was the first FIR issued against Osama Sahab.

Following the demise of Mohammad Shahabuddin, such an attack has not occurred in Siwan where the attackers have been using AK-47 rifles to fight the adversaries.

Following the discussion with Tej Pratap Yadav the members of the family of Shahabuddin will likely remain away from RJD.Heena Sahab, the wife of Mohammad Shahabuddin, has already stated that she is not affiliated with any political group.

Rais Khan has recently run for MLC election under the local body quotas from Siwan but was defeated.If he joins RJD and joins the party, it could offer him a ticket to the Lok Sabha election.


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