10 Things An One Side Lover Should Follow For Preventing Depression

* Don’t force your emotions on her/him.No matter how pure you are, let your emotions stay with you.Don’t try to drag her/him into something she doesn’t want.If you do, she/he may lose respect on your feelings

 10 Things An One Side Lover Should Follow For Preventing Depression-TeluguStop.com

* Tell you love how special you treat him/her by actions.

They have a different perception for your words.So, words wouldn’t effect them much

* End of the day, it’s her/his choice to accept or reject you.Just follow the principle of Bhagavad-Gita which says do your work with dedication and devotion, don’t expect the result

* Don’t be guilty for your expression.You are doing no wrong.

In fact, you are a beautiful human being who cares for a person even though you are not getting back anything in return

* If she/he doesn’t accept you, he/she should at least maintain a healthy atmosphere or rapport with you.If there is no such thing anymore, it would make your situation even more worse.So, keep an eye on your rapport.Make sure, there is no big change in that even after the proposal

* No matter how ignorant they are, don’t build a revenge mindset or negative atmosphere around.Give them, don’t disrespect your feelings and emotions

* Just like you have no control your own emotions, you will not have control over her/his emotions.Don’t try to change them with force or stubbornness.Be honest.It’s the only way you could convince your love that you actually hold pure feelings

* Let your love be the reason of your smile.Don’t make them the reason of your depression in your case.For that, you both should be in the same rapport.

If rapport changes, everything changes

* Understand that, at some point of time, on someday, you have to move on.He/she will not be a part of your life anymore.You will more strong emotionally if you understand that in quick time

* Hold the same respect even after the split.If someone has to feel guilty for losing a good person, it should be your love not you.

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