Why Unmarried Girls Shouldn’t Worship Shiv Ling?

Why unmarried girls shouldn’t worship Shiv Ling?

Have you ever seen an unmarried girl revolving around Shiv Ling and performing pooja? Probably, you don’t even remember any such thing happening in front your eyes because in most of the areas young unmarried women are prohibited from offering pooja, touching and revolving around the sacred shiv ling.It has been the same since ages.

 Why Unmarried Girls Shouldn’t Worship Shiv Ling?-TeluguStop.com

But why? Why young women are prohibited from touching shiv ling? Is there any strong reason or legend behind this practice?

In ancient days, not just young women, no man was allowed to revolve around Shiv ling when lord Shiva is indulged in the sacred meditation.Devatas used to take care of pleasant environment to let the lord have his meditation without any distraction.

If any one tries to disturb the premises, he/she had to see wrath of the destroyer.In other words, the rudra form of lord Shiva.

Beauty is probably the biggest form of distraction.This is the reason why Tulasi or turmeric are not used in shiv ling pooja since they are women things.

For that reason, the fullest form of beauty, a young woman is not allowed to revolve around Shiv ling.They can only offer pooja when Shiva is along with Parvaty.

They are also allowed to keep 16 somvar vrat.

This is the reason why you mostly see only men offering shiv ling pooja and women just assisting their men in pooja.

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