Missing Apple Hyderabad Techie Rohitha Found!  

Since the past couple of weeks, the entire city of Hyderabad has been discussing the missing Apple Hyderabad techie Rohitha.The software engineer left her house on the 26th of December and never returned.

Missing Apple Hyderabad Techie Rohitha Found!-Hyderabad Rohitha Case Software Engineer

She even left her phone in the house.After making several valiant attempts to trace, the family finally approached the police on 29th December and complained.

As days ticked by with no information about Rohitha, many feared she might have met death under gruesome circumstances.Many recollected the incident of Disha.After a search for close 20 days, the police have finally cracked the case.The police informed the media that Rohitha is found in Pune, and they would soon bring her back to Hyderabad.

It is also learned that she has withdrawn a sum of Rs 80,000 from her bank account.‘She initially left to Bangalore, before leaving to Pune’, a source said.

She is survived by her husband, from whom she is living separately.

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