Corona Rage In Andhra Pradesh. Increase Positivity Rate!

In Andhra Pradesh, Kovid is making fangs every day.Yesterday alone crossed the ten thousand mark.In the last 24 hours, 10,057 Covid cases were reported.Eight people succumbed to covid.

 Corona Rage In Andhra Pradesh. Increase Positivity Rate!

A total of 41,713 samples were tested between 9 a.m.Tuesday to 9 a.m.Wednesday.The Positivity rate was 24.1%.That is, out of every hundred samples tested, 24 cases came to light.This is the first time since cases are registered at this level since June 5th last year.This is the first time eight deaths have been reported since October 27th last year.

Despite earlier warnings that the rate of cases would increase in the next two to three weeks in January, all fell to deaf ears.The Positivity rate on January 1 was 0.57%, while on the 10th it was 4.05% and, on the 15th, it was 13.89%.The Positivity rate rose to 22.67% from 6,996 on Tuesday.Over the last 19 days this positive rate has skyrocketed.

District-wise, Chittoor and Visakhapatnam remain in the top two.Cases are being registered at a record level.Health officials are failing to alert the public.officials are just giving a press note on the number of cases and shaking hands.

Officials did not spy on private hospitals even though the CM said so.