Science Behind Wearing Tilak On Forehead Traditions

Science behind wearing Tilak on Forehead Traditions

In Hinduism it is of special importance to put a blob on the forehead.It is said in the sciences that wearing Tilak gives peace of mind.Placing a blob on the Forehead cools the brain and helps in concentration.

 Science Behind Wearing Tilak On Forehead

Tilak’s confidence increases a person’s self-confidence so that he can make decisions firmly.Blood clotting balances the secretions of serotonin and beta endorphins in the brain.It removes sorrow and brings happiness.Blotting improves the position of the planets.It is said that a person with a Tilak on the Forehead does not get a headache.

Tilak on the Forehead does not bring negative feelings in the mind.Applying the yellow Tilak on the Forehead makes the body radiant.Turmeric acts as an anti-bacterial.It is said that the planetary bugs are removed and good luck is gained.

Tilak is often corrected with the ring finger.Tilak is also corrected with the thumb.Doing so gives knowledge.At the same time Tilak is corrected with the index finger to achieve success in any task.Telugu,Telugu channel,kumkuma bottu,significance of Kumkum,కుంకుమ బొట్టు,Sindoor on Forehead,hindu traditions,importance of Sindoor,how to apply Kumkum,significance of kumkuma,significance of Sindoor,importance of kumkuma,indian traditional food,how to keep Sindoor on Forehead in Telugu,how to keep Sindoor on Forehead,why ladies put Sindoor on Forehead,significance of Kumkum on Forehead,hindu rituals scientific reasons,kumkuma bottu ela pettukovali #Kumkum #Indiantradition #Sindoor Pid: 1885914

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