Not Tablet Or Balm .. Treat Headache With These Home Remedies

Not tablet or balm .. treat headache with these home remedies

Taking medication for every random problem is not really good for health.Doctors now and then suggest not to go for medicines even for those problems which can be efficiently treated with alternative ways.Here the alternatives could be natural remedies.You see headache is a very common problem that could hit your anytime and repeatedly.

 Not Tablet Or Balm .. Treat Headache With These Home

If it is way too common and severe, then you need a test.But if your headache is quite normal and the same what millions in the world suffer with everyday, you probably don’t need to use any medicine.You need these home remedies.

* At times, even dehydration could buy you a headache.

Just as a first tool from the first aid, drink water.Get hydrated.

* Mint acts very effective in treating headaches.All thanks to the two components called menthol and menthone.Eat some mint or take juice.You can even apply warm mint water bags on forehead for relief.

* Basic leaves can do many wonders.Is headache even an opponent for a nutrient rich thing like basic leaf? It can relax your muscles.Muscle relaxation can reduce headache.Boil some basic leaves and drink the hot water.

* Ice can improve the blood flow, reduce inflammation and cut down the pain.Take some ice and keep applying it smoothly on your forehead.

This is one of the the most popular tips for headache.

* Take cloves, crush them and start breathing the inhaling the smeel of crushed cloves.

There are many medicinal properties in cloves that can easily treat your headache.

* Eat apple or drink apple cider vinegar.

They both have that alkaline effect to reduce the headache by restoring the balance between alkaline levels and acid levels.They work better than a tablet.

* Ginger is great for your blood.It can immediately reduce the inflammation in the blood vessels.By taking care of the blood vessels near your head, it can terminate the headache.If you can’t eat ginger directly, make juice by adding honey or make ginger tea.

* Coriander juice, peppermint oil, lavender oil and rosemary are among other home remedies which can treat your headache.Even Acupressure technique could work your way.

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