Kolkata Nightclub Faces Criticism After Chained Monkey Video Goes Viral

Kolkata nightclub faces criticism after chained monkey video goes viral

Kolkata, June 18 : Toy Room, a popular nightclub based in Kolkata, faced the wrath of animal lovers and netizens after a video of a chained monkey being displayed within the nightclub premises went viral on social media.

 Kolkata Nightclub Faces Criticism After Chained Monkey Video Goes Viral-TeluguStop.com

The matter was highlighted by the popular Bengali actress Swastika Mukherjee, who posted the video on her Instagram and wrote: “I’m ashamed to say the least! It’s disheartening to see what #toyroomkolkata did in the name of an act to stand out! Well, you sure did.For all the wrong reasons.This is cruelty to a different level.How low can you stoop #toyroomkolkata.And what is wrong with the people who have gone to party there and indulging in this cruel act ? No one stopped this right there and then ? What is wrong with human beings?

“And TOYROOM KOLKATA has barred people from tagging them.They think they can get away with this atrocity by disabling their social media handles?!” the actress wrote.

Meanwhile, People for Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA) India have announced that their cruelty response team has already taken up the matter.

However, the nightclub authorities have issued a statement denying the display of the chained monkey within its premises.The club authorities have claimed that some ‘madaries’ (monkey trainers) approached them to perform a show within the nightclub premises.

On being denied, they went to the ground floor of the shopping mall where the nightclub is situated and performed there.

“We care as much as everyone else for the animals and would never do such activities where they would be harmed or caged.We sincerely apologise if we’ve hurt anyone’s sentiments or feelings unintentionally,” the nightclub authorities said in a statement.


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