Jinnah Tower Should Named As Abdul Kalam

Jinnah Tower Should Named as Abdul Kalam

The AP government and local authorities have been very strategic in putting a full stop to the controversy that has been raging over Jinnah Tower for some time.Jinnah Tower in Guntur was painted with three colors of the tricolor flag on Wednesday.

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The tower was erected with an iron fence under the auspices of the Municipal Corporation without anyone doing anything.Special funds have been allocated for this and landscaping work has been undertaken.

With this the whole area is now beautifully prepared.Today, the national flag will be hoisted on the tower and a ceremony will be held.

This should be considered as almost the end of this tower problem.

What is this Jinnah Tower? Why that controversy? Before the independence of India, Muhammad Ali Jinnah wanted to visit Guntur district in AP.However, the trip was canceled due to some reasons.To commemorate him, the then leaders set up a structure and named it Jinnah Tower.

That tower has remained the same ever since.However the tower has been in dispute for a few days.

BJP leaders have been speculating for days as to why there is a rift in the name of Mohammad Ali Jinnah, the cause of national division.They are demanding that the structure be renamed.

It is suggested that Jinnah Tower be named after the late President Abdul Kalam.On January 26, Republic Day, some Hindu leaders approached the Jinnah Tower and tried to unfurl the national flag.This caused some controversy at the time.Police reached there and arrested the three youths.

The government has been thinking for some time about how to resolve this issue.It was felt that a wise decision had to be made in this order and the problem had to be cleverly resolved.

As part of that, funds were allocated to beautify the area and a fencing around the Jinnah Tower was erected and a greenery was set up.The tower was painted in three colors of the national flag.The whole area is beautifully covered with this.Today a tricolor flag will be flown over the tower.For this, the authorities persuaded them to hold a meeting with Muslim leaders including Guntur Municipal Corporation MLAs Mohammad Mustafa and M.Giridhar and hoist the tricolor flag on the tower.

However, the mayor of Guntur, Manohar Naidu, MLC L Appireddy, clarified that Jinnah Tower should be renamed as demanded by the BJP.“This tower dates back to pre-independence.It is a symbol of Hindu-Muslim harmony and unity in the city, ”they said.

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