Bear Hulchul In Srisailam Bears In Srisailam

Bear Hulchul in Srisailam Bears in Srisailam

The bear ran into a house near the Anjaneyaswamy temple in Sundipenta, Srisailam zone.The accident happened when no one was home at the time.

 Bear Hulchul In Srisailam Bears In

The villagers are terrified as the bear comes between the residential areas of the village Sundipenta locals are fleeing to see who the bear is attacking in which areaWhen the villagers informed the local forest officials about the roaming of the bear, the forest staff reached out and drove the bear into the forest.

But for the last month or so, it has become common to wander around the village of Sundipenta at midnight.

The bears were released into a nearby forest where they were kept in cages by forest officials, so they returned to the village at night and roamed around.

However, the locals are voicing that the village will not be peaceful unless the forest officials wake up and catch the bears and put them in cages leave them in the dense ebony forest rather than nearby ….Telugu Visheshalu,Telugu gossips,Telugu news,Telugu entertainment,telugu,telugu inspiring,bear,bears in srisailam,srisailam,bear hulchul in srisailam #Bear #Srisailam #BearHulchul

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Bear Hulchul In Srisailam Bears In Srisailam - Telugu Bearhulchul, Srisailam #Shorts

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