What Happens If Neglect The Iodine Deficiency Iodine Deficiency

What Happens If Neglect The Iodine Deficiency Iodine Deficiency

Iodine deficiency is a problem that has been plaguing many people in recent times.However, due to the lack of proper awareness, the number of people who take the risk of neglecting this issue is increasing tremendously.

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In fact, iodine is one of the most important nutrients for the body.

Organic growth is enhanced when the body receives iodine from the body.

As well as hormones, thyroxine production takes place.And the various metabolisms in the body run smoothly.

Iodine deficiency can also lead to decreased thyroid function and lead to hypothyroidism.The metabolism is destroyed.

Problems such as fatigue and weakness are often troublesome.

The weight will increase massively.The eye eats the blow.Memory power is diminished.

The risk of miscarriage doubles in pregnant women.Increases bad cholesterol in the blood.

Even minor problems can lead to stress, anxiety, and depression.

That is why it is said that the body needs to be given the right amount of iodine.

Iodized salt should be taken at the rate of ten grams daily.Iodine is also found in foods such as pomegranates, strawberries, bananas, potatoes, yogurt, eggs and milk.

So these should be included in the diet.Seafood also contains iodine.

That is why it is better to take fish, prawns and crabs twice a week.

Lettuce is also rich in iodine.

So, consuming spinach at least three times a week will prevent iodine deficiency.And there are other health benefits as well – What Happens If Neglect The Iodine Deficiency? Iodine Deficiency telugu-title:అయోడిన్ లోపాన్ని నిర్ల‌క్ష్యం చేశారో ఇక‌ అంతే సంగ‌తులు.జాగ్ర‌త్త‌! Read More 👉👉https:/telugustop.com/?p=1772222 – Telugu Health Tips | #TeluguTips #TeluguHealthTips #TeluguBeautyTips #Telugu #TeluguStop | Health #GoodHealth #HealthTips #Iodine #LatestNews #Health #TeluguNewsVideos Channel:Telugu Tips


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