Top Unsolved Mysteries Of The Strange Universe

10 Biggest Universe Mysteries We Can’t Crack Yet |ఇప్పటికి అంతుపట్టని 10 విశ్వ రహస్యాలు |

 Top Unsolved Mysteries Of The Strange

1.Dark Matter – The Spider’s Web Planets, stars, asteroids, galaxies – the things that we can actually see – make up less than 5% of the total Universe.

Scientists think another ~25% is a Strange substance called dark matter: we can’t see it, we don’t understand it, but we’re pretty sure it’s out there because everything moves to its gravitational tune.

Scientists believe that dark matter acts like a spider’s web, holding fast-moving galaxies together.

And there’s so much of this stuff that it bends the appearance of Space, so that when astronomers observe distant galaxies, they often appear distorted.

We have plenty of evidence that dark matter exists, but as for what it is, that remains a mystery.

Some think dark matter is composed of an undiscovered particle or particles, others believe it’s an undiscovered property of gravity.Whatever the truth, dark matter is a real puzzle, and it’s proved hugely tricky to pin down.

2.Dark Energy – The Poltergeist So if dark matter makes up 25% of the Universe and normal matter makes up 5%, what about the other 70%?

We think that the remainder is entirely ‘dark energy’, powerful enough to tear the entire Universe asunder.Whilst dark matter appears to mesh galaxies together, dark energy seems to want to push everything apart.

We all know that the Universe is expanding, but it’s expanding more and more quickly than it should be, and scientists think that dark energy is the culprit.

But where’s dark energy coming from? Some believe that it’s produced from collisions between quantum particles, but no-one knows for sure.3.Black Holes A constant staple of sci-fi thrillers, black holes are violent, vastly destructive and invisible.

Black holes are regions of Space in which the force of gravity is so powerful that everything around is drawn in.Not even light can escape, which is why we can’t see any of this going on.

Experts think there could be up to 100 million black holes in our galaxy alone, and these monsters can grow to become billions of times more massive than the sun.What’s more, at the centre of most galaxies, including our own, lurks a super-massive black hole.

But we don’t know what happens when objects pass through the centre.

They might become ‘spaghettified’: stretched apart into long strings of matter; they could even be transported through a short-cut to a different part of our Universe.Spooky.

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