Swiss Woman Murder Case: Fsl Finds Evidence Of Body In Accused\'s Car

Swiss woman murder case: FSL finds evidence of body in accused’s car

New Delhi, Oct 25 : In a significant development in the murder case of a 30-year-old Swiss woman, whose body was discovered near a school in West Delhi on October 20, forensic analysis of Gurpreet Singh’s Santro car has unveiled evidence of the woman’s presence inside the vehicle.

 Swiss Woman Murder Case: Fsl Finds Evidence Of Body In Accused's

Sources within the Forensic Science Laboratory (FSL) located in Rohini have reported that one of their teams conducted a thorough analysis of the vehicle implicated in the crime.

Their investigation yielded crucial evidence and exhibits that strongly suggest the victim’s body had been concealed within the car for a certain period.

According to these sources, the FSL team meticulously collected a range of critical items from the vehicle, including a chain, bloodstains, and strands of hair.

These findings may prove to be vital in the ongoing investigation into this tragic case.

Nina Berger’s body, with limbs and legs bound with chains, was found near a school in West Delhi on October 20.Initially, there were inconsistencies in the statements made by the prime accused, Gurpreet, who was subsequently arrested in connection with the crime.

His statements regarding the murder kept changing.

During investigation, the police recovered various documents, including Nina’s passport and visa, from Gurpreet’s possession.

As per Gurpreet’s interrogation, he had met Nina in 2021 during his visit to Switzerland, and their friendship had developed into a close bond.

Gurpreet frequently travelled to Switzerland to be near Nina.Over time, he expressed his desire to marry her, but she rejected his proposal.

Nina had arrived in Delhi from Zurich on October 11 and was staying in a hotel.However, as the interrogation of Gurpreet continued, it became evident that he was attempting to mislead the police.

According to sources, the examination of the mobile phone of the accused revealed that he was in touch with at least a dozen women who were also foreigners, an evidence that possibly links the case to the police’s human trafficking theory.

Significantly, the police discovered over Rs 2 crore in cash from Gurpreet’s residence in Janakpuri.

Further investigation revealed substantial financial transactions through Gurpreet’s bank account, leading the investigators to notify the Income Tax authorities.These high-value transactions and the unaccounted cash raised suspicions that the case might be related to human trafficking.

Moreover, the cuts and some burn marks on the victim’s body also indicate that she was probably tortured before being killed.

Even the locks and chains, with which the woman was found tied, were bought just two days ago by the accused from a market in West Delhi.

The exact shop from where these things were bought was to be ascertained.



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