Sundeep Kishan Calls Out Inappropriate Memer At Press Meet: “don’t Behave Like This!”

Sundeep Kishan Calls Out Inappropriate Memer at Press Meet: “Don’t Behave Like This!”

During a press conference in Hyderabad for the promotion of Vi Anand’s film “Ooru Peru Bhairavakona,” actor Sundeep Kishan encountered a situation that tested his professionalism.The film, which was released on February 16, features Sundeep Kishan, Varsha Bollamma, and Kavya Thapar in pivotal roles.

 Sundeep Kishan Calls Out Inappropriate Memer At Press Meet: “don’t

The incident involved a memer who attended the press meet with the intention of engaging in banter with the cast.However, his approach was deemed inappropriate as he directed questions filled with double meanings towards the actors.

Initially, he attempted to flirt with actress Varsha Bollamma by making a play on her character’s name, Bhoomi, which also means ‘land’ in Telugu.He inquired about the process of registering ‘Bhoomi’ under his name, insinuating a personal claim over the actress.

Subsequently, the memer turned his attention to Sundeep Kishan with a question that carried an implicit inappropriate suggestion.He asked, “In the movie, you did that to the heroine, right? I only understood what it was at the end.How did you feel doing it?” This question was met with disapproval from some audience members, yet Sundeep maintained his composure and declined to respond, stating, “I will not answer this question.I know you are joking, but it’s wrong.It’s not nice to ask double-meaning questions.Ask me something else, and I’ll answer.

Undeterred, the memer continued, “So, you did IT with both heroines.Who did you enjoy it more with?” Sundeep clarified, “Are you asking whom I liked to act with? You could’ve asked that straightforwardly.” Despite Sundeep’s attempt to steer the conversation back to professionalism, the memer persisted with his suggestive questioning, “So, did you enjoy with both?” At this point, Sundeep firmly requested the memer to cease such inquiries, emphasizing respect for the women present and the inappropriateness of his behavior.Sundeep told him, “Don’t behave like this!” And the memer replied, “I’m sorry.”

Sundeep’s handling of the situation showcased his ability to navigate uncomfortable scenarios with grace and assertiveness, setting an example of maintaining decorum in public interactions.His response not only reflected his personal ethics but also highlighted the importance of respectful communication in the entertainment industry.

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